We are just a small family "backyard" farm. We strive to provide an environment for all our animals that is stress free, and happy.We had our start with growing a few pasture raised steers and soon we became interested in our own eggs as well. Soon, we had a predicament; what good are eggs without bacon??? So, we began a search for a pig that could be raised on pasture without totally destroying the turf. We've found an ideal match for our farm; you can read more about these pigs in our livestock section.  


We soon took for granted the satisfaction of knowing that we were consuming wholesome meat that was not contaminated with antibiotics, growth hormones, and other harmful substances. As word gets around, we had more family and friends asking for meat, etc, so we continue to grow to meet the needs of those interested in purchasing meat and livestock from us. We find it to be fun, and relaxing to care for our animals, and our animals thrive in a healthy natural environment. We are not a certified organic farm, but we do everything in our power to raise the animals in a NATURAL way. We avoid medicines and antibiotics if at all possible. In fact, most of our animals have never even seen a vet! This is something that most large commercial farms could only dream of!


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