All our meat is sold by pre-order only. We normally sell out several months before the actual butcher date. Most of our clients order meat one year in advance.

Pork is available in 1/2 carcass increments averaging 60 to 80 pounds of take home meat per 1/2 pig. More details.

Beef is available in 1/4 carcass increments, averaging 125 to 150 pounds of take home meat per 1/4 beef. More details.



Chicken is available seasonally. Chickens average 5 pounds of take home meat per bird. More details.

 All natural eggs are available to local customers, MUST be a regular, recurring, weekly order. 


 When you purchase meat from Boulder Ridge farm, you purchase a dressed carcass, ready for processing. You are solely responsible for all processing and packaging costs. We are happy to make referrals to some of our favorite local butchers. Please read on to be sure you have a full understanding of how the meat purchase process works. If you have any questions, contact us, and we'll be glad to discuss the process with you. 

NOTE: We are not a meat retailer; we are not a butcher shop. We do not sell processed meat.