We take pride in growing healthy happy pasture raised beef. I want to clarify that when we say pasture raised beef; that does not mean 100% grass fed. While our animals eat primarily grass, and hay; we do supplement this diet with small amounts of a proprietary grain ration. We do this to encourage delicious marbling in the meat, and personally, I think this produces better beef than an all grass ration. Feeding a grain ration also has several other benefits: It allows us to supplement the cattle with vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy. Also, since we feed our animals by hand it it give us a daily opportunity to socialize with our animals. This is extremely valuable, because we can quickly tell if an animal is not feeling well; and it allows us to keep tabs on their growth and overall well-being.


When you buy beef from Boulder Ridge Farm, you are buying part of a beef carcass (dressed weight). For example if you buy a 1,200 pound steer, when it is dressed it will only weigh about 720 pounds; this is because of all of the parts of a steer you cannot eat such as skin, hair, internal organs, and other inedible products. Then when it is cut into steaks or ground beef, its weight will drop again due to bones being removed, fat trimming, and other things. So the weight that will go into your freezer from a 1,200 pound steer will be about 660 pounds, if you get the whole thing. If you are interested in buying a steer from Boulder Ridge Farm, please contact us using our contact form. Below is a beef cut chart listing all of the different cuts you can get from a steer. Please note that you may not be able to get all of these cuts from one steer.